Hearing Protection​


Perfect for hunting, shooting, and other places where you might experience sudden noise. The filter closes automatically when damaging levels of noise are detected, but allows normal hearing the rest of the time.


Perfect for musicians, or if you attend loud concerts. Reduces the level of noise without affecting its quality. Available with 9dB, 15dB, and 25dB filters.


Reduces noise, but also keeps water out! Great for swimming, or simply showering, they also provide noise reduction.


If you want a good night’s sleep, these are for you. Particularly useful for shift workers, and have been credited with saving many relationships!


Custom designed to reduce harmful levels of noise, these hearing protectors have a hollow canal to reduce wind buffeting.


Designed to prevent surfer’s and swimmer’s ear by keeping water out of the ear canal, whilst still allowing you to hear perfectly. And, most importantly, they float!


For use in environments with high-intensity noise: speak to a hearing professional about the level of protection you require.


Designed to fit around any bud or button earphones, these help to reduce ambient noise.

DefendEar 1

Adaptable protection that allows you to amplify sound when needed, but otherwise reduce dangerous levels of noise.

DefendEar 2

Shooting protection in two modes: game mode, which is optimized for intermittent shots, and clay mode for continuous firing.

DefendEar Hunter

Similar to other DefendEar protectors, but with added wind reduction for shooting in windy conditions.